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Unlock your productivity with Cailun AI

Chat and summarize content

Discover insights with AI analytics, get simplified summaries, and interact with all document content via smart chat.

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Smart Translation

Break down language barriers and instantly translate contracts and documents with the precision of Artificial Intelligence.

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Content search and OCR

Locate documents in just a few moments by searching any content in the files.

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How AI will optimize document management

Ícone automatização

Process automation

Automatic document scanning, creation and organization

Ícone lupa

Advanced analytics

Analysis, summary of contracts and documents, as well as valuable insights for strategic decision making.

Ícone eficiência

Operational efficiency

Optimization of workflows, reduction of errors and quick access to information and content within contracts and documents.

Ícone economia

Cost reduction

Automating tasks and reducing errors results in significant operational cost reductions.

Ícone precisão

Greater precision

Improved accuracy in extracting data and identifying relevant information in documents.

Ícone segurança

Security and privacy

Strengthened security and compliance with data privacy regulations in accordance with the GDPR.

Manage the entire document lifecycle

DLM: Document Lifecycle Management

Internet of Things (IoT)

Perform the digitization of physical documents using multifunctional devices and scanners, with embedded apps for creating customized workflows from the main manufacturers on the market.

Logotipos de fabricantes

Automated transformation

Automate all OCR (Optical Character Recognition) conversion, PDF/A archival standardization (ISO compatible) and digital certification of your files for the digital environment, guaranteeing their legal validity.

Transformação de documentos

Electronic signature

Now your contracts and agreements can be signed electronically and digitally in the same solution that your company manages documents; Here you can send documents for signature easily, safely and with full legal validity.

Assinatura eletrônica e certificado digital

Smart Management

Organize team content with folder sharing, document versioning and expiration alerts; Your company will be able to obtain better traceability and data security.

Gerenciamento em nuvem

Cloud Storage

Store all your files. Access them anytime and anywhere on your computer, tablet and smartphone; Our cloud drive was designed for durability, backup routines, strong resilience and high availability.

Armazenamento em nuvem