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Cailun Artificial Intelligence analyzing a document

Smart contract and document analysis process

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Identification of key points

AI automatically highlights key points in documents, enabling quick identification of essential information.

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Reading agility

Give users the ability to "read" documents faster through summary analysis and highlighting of crucial information.

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Interactive chat with document

Introduce interactive chat with documents, allowing users to obtain specific information through conversational interactions.

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Context understanding

AI analyzes the context of the document, ensuring users understand the information within the broader context.

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Improved accessibility

Make documents more accessible, especially for users who may prefer or need alternative methods of consuming information.

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AI-powered document analysis provides strategic data to support informed, informed decisions.

How document analysis with AI will optimize your document processes

Ícone imprecisão

Analysis inaccuracy

Ícone resultado

Concrete results based on real data

Ícone lentidão

Slow to get results

Ícone raio

Instant analysis with AI

Ícone desorganização

Document disorganization

Ícone nuvem

Digital file storage

Ícone alto custo

High process cost

Ícone economia

Costs reduced by AI

How it works


Access Cailun AI

In your document, right-click or click on the file options and access “AI Analysis”.

First step to analyze document


Choose the tool

Choose the tools available to summarize, generate insights, or chat with the document.

Second step to analyze document


Let AI work

After choosing the tool, let the AI ​​bring you the results or answer your questions.

Third step to analyze document

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