Translate and compare documents accurately

Break down language barriers, and compare contracts and documents with AI precision.

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Cailun Artificial Intelligence translating a contract

Intelligent document translation and comparison process

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Globalization made easy

Enables expansion into international markets, offering automatic translation into several languages.

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Document review

Speeds up document review by allowing comparison between different versions, highlighting significant changes.

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Linguistic diversity

Recognizes and respects linguistic diversity, promoting an inclusive experience for users from different backgrounds.

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Contextual intelligence

AI understands the context of document changes, ensuring smarter, more meaningful comparison.

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Universal access to information

Makes information more accessible to a global audience, regardless of native language.

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Understanding changes

Document comparison with AI clearly and precisely highlights the changes made, facilitating understanding.

How AI Translation and Comparison Will Optimize Your Document Processes

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Duplicate reading

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Instant comparison

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Search for words and terms

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Automatic translation

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Extensive notes

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Topics with main points of reference

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Word context search

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Translator with updated context data

How it works


Access Cailun AI

In your document, right-click or click on the file options and access “Analysis with AI”.

Primeiro passo para analisar documento


Choose the tool

Choose the available tools to translate or compare and select the output language or another document.

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Let AI work

After choosing the tool, let the AI ​​write your translated document or compare it with another file.

Third step to translate document

Unlock the power of AI to translate and compare your documents now